You start by buying a credit package. You can purchase between 275 to 3750 credits. 275 for as little as 27.99!!

Let’s say for example that you purchase the most popular package for £50 or $50. The next step is to pick an auction you want to win

When you find one that's starting soon, you'll notice that the auction price always starts at zero. 

There are a few things to point out before you start bidding:

1st and foremost, you spend your credits when bidding on Madbid. That means your spent credits are non refundable. Please remember this.

2nd, You may wonder what the star * means:

The star represents one credit, if you see 5 x * (star), it means that for this auction you’ll use 5 credits for each bid that you place, each bid will increase the auction price by 1 penny/cent. We hope this makes sense so far? 

Remember, at any time, don't hesitate to send us your questions if you have some: Questions


Okay. So you place a bid and the auction price increases by 1 penny/cent. Every time someone bids, the timer resets and the price increases by another 1 penny/cent. Remember again, each bid SPENDS your credits.

I hear another question coming……..So when does the auction end?


When the timer reaches zero and nobody else places a bid, the highest bidder wins the auction. So what do I do when I win? You simply pay the auction price and the shipping costs. After that, it's yours and you've joined the Madbid winners club!!

If you don't win an auction, don't forget your: Earned Discount

The timer was replaced with CHECKING, what does that mean: CHECKING

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