Earned Discount is our WIN/WIN guarantee.

If you don’t win the auction your bidding on, every penny/cent you spend will be returned to you in the form of Earned Discount.


Your Earned Discount is an e-voucher you can use to buy products at Madbid.com via the Madshop.

The following is an example of how it works: Let’s say you buy a 1000 credit package for £50/$50 . Let’s also say you’re interested in 2 of our amazing auctions and you start bidding. You decide to spend your £50/$50 on bidding for the latest iPhone or on the latest iPad. The auction closed and you're not the highest bidder. You lost to someone else.

You now have 2 options:

You can buy the product directly by clicking on the Madshop price and the £50/$50 you've earned will be discounted off the buy now price.




Save the £50/$50 in your account for another time (beware, they expire after 365 days).

To see all the products that you can purchase using your earned discount, go to the Buy Now shop. Follow this link: SHOP 

Again, remember that the Earned Discount has a life of 365 days from the day you acquired it. You can see a breakdown of how much discount you have earned and when it will expire by clicking here: My ED 

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